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How much protein do YOU need?!

"I hope this video helps you understand the benefits of protein and how much you are recommended to have each day. As promised, below are the calculations for you to work out how much protein you need depending on how much you are working out. If you are working in lbs, divide your weight by 2.2 and you will have your weight in KG and then the formulas below will make sense. How much protein do you need? (Remember these are guidelines and not set in stone!) Average person (not doing much exercise) - Body weight (KG) X 0.8 = Amount of protein recommended each day (g) On a day that you are working out - Body weight (KG) X 1.2-1.6 = Amount of protein recommended for the day (g) Power Athletes working out every day! - Body weight in (KG) x 1.6-2 = Amount of protein recommended for the day (g) Examples of protein content in food: 125g Boneless and skinless chicken breast contains 38g of protein 1 Large Boiled eggs contain 6.5g of protein 214g Strip steak contains 49g of Protein 143g Fillet of Salmon contains 35g of protein 170g pot of nonfat Greek yoghurt contains 17g of protein 150g Broccoli contains 4.2g 1 cup/185g Quinoa contains 8.1g of protein Subscribe for all of my YouTube updates: Keep up to date on what's going on @"


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